Mark Rainha 2013 Reel

Migrating from the suburbs of Boston I have spent a lot of time exploring all the borders of America, and some places beyond them. That time has given me a wide range of perspectives, which led me to pick up a camera. I began shooting photos and keeping a journal of my travels, sharing who I had met and what I had witnessed with others. Beginning in 1999 I began submitting stories to several Bmx publications such as Faction, Dig Bmx, and Ride Uk magazine. Continuing to progress my skills as a photographer through the help of industry professionals I started submitting photos along with the stories. This lead to an associate editor position at Bmx Plus magazine, the oldest bmx magazine still in circulation. Since 2004 I have worked freelance , offering  photography and creative writing services for publications and businesses. The progression into the visual arts has expanded my horizons as an artist leading to painting, drawing, digital graphics, and more recently videography. In order to build a foundation for design I attended IADT (International Academy of Design and Technology) . During my time at school I have learned the necessary skills for conceptualizing graphics for both print and web media.
Today I continue to offer several aspects of visual communication to many clients. Videography continues to hold a large portion of my focus, but photography and design work will always remain integral part of my work. Utilizing my experience as a filmer, editor or animator I develop video pieces of all types. Much of my work is related to action sports, such as bmx and snowboarding, Nature and Commercial projects.
My future aspirations involve developing my skills behind the lens; developing documentaries, commercial advertising, journalistic pieces and more with video and photography. Take some time to browse my blog to see some of the projects I have created or collaborated on. Feel free to contact me with any inquiries.

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